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Untold life story of Anni Frid Lyngstad ABBA

Anni Frid Lyngstad ABBA Biography

Anni Frid Lyngstad ABBA Birth and Childhood ;

Though Anni Frid Lyngstad ABBA, may not be the most popular member of ABBA, she lived the most colorful life. A commoner, even a popular one, rarely gets to rise through the ranks of European royalty, but she did. The question is how she was able to do it despite her deeply controversial past and how she was able to balance her musical career and her royal duties. Let’s find out while showing you some of her rare photos. Though Annie’s life was colorful in the end, the beginning was quite turbulent on November 15th, 1945.

Right as World War II was grinding to a halt, she was born in a small Norwegian Village to a Norwegian mother, cine lingad, and a German father, Alfred hos her father was a sergeant in the Nazi army helping it enforce its occupation of Norway when the war was over he tried to return to Germany only for his ship to be shot down by Allied Forces or so Annie had been led to believe most of her life anyway three years after she was born hostility against German friendly Norwegians Rose dramatically so much so that Annie’s mother began to fear for the life of her little girl as a result she entrusted her to the care of her grandmother who immigrated with the girl to Sweden.

Her grandmother worked odd jobs to support them while her mother remained in Norway, sending them what little scraps she could. It would take months for the three of them to finally be reunited, but by then, it would be too little too late. All the anxiety and all the moving around had taken its toll on Annie’s mother. At the tender age of 21, she died of kidney failure within three years of being born. Annie was already an orphan. It would be up to her grandmother to take care of her. Having lived through so much trauma already, Annie turned out to be a quiet and shy child. Her grandmother would always sing to her to get her out of her shell. These experiences were the reason.

Annie fell in love with music in the first place, but it would take years for her to manifest her Talent. After settling in Sweden, Annie began to have a semblance of a normal life. She started school in 1952 at the age of seven. Throughout her school years, her teachers gradually gained knowledge of her singing prowess. They would thus encourage her to sing in front of the whole class, building up her confidence. Alas, at 13, she gained her first job as a dance band and schogger singer with the Evil X Orchestra. Even though she was so young, she sang so well and was entirely qualified for the job working with the orchestra. She built up her confidence even more, allowing her Talent to mature even further in 1964.

When Annie was 18, she married her first husband, Ragnar Frederickson, a musician. The two of them formed a couple of music groups, all to varying levels of success. It wasn’t until September 3rd, 1967, that Annie’s fortunes changed for the better that Night, she won the Swedish national talent competition. As part of her winnings, Annie would win a record deal from Emi Sensa, but unbeknown to her, she was also scheduled to appear on a popular National TV program. When she discovers the second part of the deal, Annie is frightened. If she had had her way, she probably would have pulled out of the competition, but then she had a duty to do it and was forced to put her anxiety aside when she stepped on stage that Night. She sang so wonderfully and beautifully that she instantly became a nationwide sensation.

Anni Frid Lyngstad ABBA Career and Family

She had already become a star even before her career had taken off. When her performance was over, agents and producers all over Sweden scrambled to sign Annie to their record companies. The executives at Emi Sensa got scared that they were about to lose their biggest find ever. As a result, right at the crack of dawn the next day, they drove from the Swedish capital of Stockholm to Annie’s family home in a fiscal sauna with the contract in hand. Then they made her sign it right in front of them, ensuring that no one would steal her from them for the next couple of years. The following year, Annie separated from her first husband, Ragnar, and they divorced three years later in 1971.

When that happened, Annie released her first album. It was created in collaboration with Benny Anderson,, who would become her partner in life and business. That album Freda did decently well nationally. It would also put her on the radar of Agnetha Fog and Boran Ulve, who had quite a special idea in mind. In 1972, the super group ABBA was born. It comprised Agnetha Fcog Buan Oles, Benny Anderson, and Annie Fred Lingad. While all of them were National Stars, none of their popularity managed to break International borders, but together as a group, they became worldwide sensations.

It was quite unfortunate that in 1971, just a year before Abba was formed, Annie’s grandmother died. Even though Annie was doing quite well by then, it would have been nice if she had lived to see how much her sacrifices would pay off. Annie had also contended with a divorce that year. She would have to find a way to put both those events behind her in this new chapter of her life. Throughout the early ’70s to the early ”’80s, Abba experienced its golden years. The group’s popularity was off the charts, selling records like mad. The group became the fastest-growing industry in Sweden at the time. Even though the Swedish tax took a large amount of their revenue, they all became very rich for Abba; keeping the lines of business and romance separated was hard.

Anni Frid Lyngstad ABBA Personal Life

Annie got married to Benny just as Agnetha did to Bjorn. Theirs was a perfect union musically, romantically, and culturally, just as every cloud has a silver lining; not all that Glitters Is Gold. Even though Annie was enjoying the fruits of her labor, her Newfound success came with its troubles. One Night in 1977, Annie gave an interview about her family, explaining how her father had died while fleeing from vengeful Norwegians. However, a German teen magazine, Bravo, proved her claims false. The magazine thoroughly researched her family background and published everything they had about her father’s history. It turned out that he hadn’t died in 1945.

But only went into hiding when Annie’s half-brother, Peter Haza, saw the expose. He showed it to his father and asked him if he had been a part of the Nazi party. Alas, the secret came out, and for Annie, the truth was worse than she had believed. Luckily for her, World War II had been over for three decades, and as such, most of the wounds of that period had closed up. This meant that even though Annie was personally shaken professionally, she had little to worry about. She even reunited with her father. The two maintained an on-and-off relationship until he died in 2009.

At the age of 90, in the early 80s, the perfectly oiled Abba machine was grinding to a halt. A mix of personal problems on both sides of the family drove them apart. Agnea and Beorn were having problems with their marriage as were Annie and Benny. The latter two divorced in 1981, though the world would not Discover it for decades. Benny had been a raging alcoholic for most of his life. Unfortunately, his addiction ruined his Union with Annie. With ABA being history, the expectation was that Annie would re Tyree and enjoy her millions in quiet obscurity; however, nothing was farther from the truth.

Anni Frid Lyngstad ABBA Conclusion

While she resumed her career to moderate success, she began a romantic relationship with Prince Hinrich Ruso of Rey, Count of Plow, a rich and handsome Swiss Royal. Annie’s relationship with the prince got so serious that she moved with him from London to Switzerland, and they married, officially making her a princess of Switzerland. During that time, Annie got quite close to the Swedish royal family. Queen Sylvia, in particular, became her close friend. Though Annie was a commoner,, she was quite successful; thus,, the Royals had no reason to believe she was an opportunist. In 1999, after seven years of marriage, Prince Hinrich Ruso died from a lymphoma. Though Annie was AG grieved, this unfortunate incident put her in a precarious position. Without a protector, she was at risk of being expelled from the royal family.

However, due to her close ties with the Royals, they allowed her to keep her title of Dowager Countess of Plowing. Even though she lives in Switzerland with her new partner, a British VI count, she is still on good terms with Swiss Royals and people taking a cross-section of Annie Fred Ling’s life and career. She had a multitude of reasons not to succeed, from being born in a war-torn country and having to flee, growing up as an orphan with intense trauma, finding out the dark secret of her family and staining her Legacy to losing her husband to cancer Annie faced great misfortunes at each stage of her life, in the end, she braved them all with grace to date she remains a shining example of what a superstar would be in terms of talent character and behavior.

People also ask;

1. Have ABBA got any children?

ABBA collectively did not have children during their time as a band. While each member may have had children individually outside of their careers in ABBA, the group itself did not have any offspring together.

2. How many of ABBA are still alive?

Among the members of ABBA, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson are still alive as of the provided context. Although the group disbanded in the early 1980s, these two members continue to live on.

3. Which ABBA member married a prince?

Anni-Frid Lyngstad, also known as Frida, the member of ABBA, married Prince Heinrich Ruzzo of Plauen, Count of Plauen, making her the ABBA member who married a prince.

4. Who in ABBA lost a child?

Frida in ABBA suffered an incomprehensive grief after losing a child.


5. What caused ABBA’s divorce?

The divorce of ABBA members Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida) was primarily caused by personal issues, including Benny’s struggles with alcoholism, which strained their relationship and led to their separation.

6. Why is ABBA so popular?

ABBA gained popularity due to their infectious music characterized by catchy melodies, harmonies, and upbeat rhythms, which resonated with audiences worldwide. Their unique blend of pop and disco, coupled with their captivating performances, contributed to their immense success and enduring popularity.


7. Is ABBA still together?

ABBA is not currently together as a performing group. They disbanded in the early 1980s, and while there have been occasional reunions and collaborations, they have not reunited as a permanent performing unit.


8. Who is the daughter of ABBA?

None of the children of the individual members of ABBA have become part of the group. While the members have children from previous relationships, such as Agnetha Fältskog’s daughter Linda Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Lyngstad’s children with Ragnar Fredriksson, they have not been involved in ABBA’s musical endeavors.

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