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Biden’s EV Tariffs Might Not Be Sufficient To Counter The Chinese Vehicle Threat In The US.

President Biden’s goal of raising the tariff on Chinese electric cars fourfold may need to be more of a dissuasion from the influx of Chinese-made vehicles into the United States market. The tariff hike announcement, which jumps the existing 25% to 100% tariff, whereby domestic EV models are meant to protect the Indian market, faces a major challenge of Chinese models defying cheap importation. In addition, importation from Chinese automakers into other countries (namely Mexico) is untouched since their vehicles do not fall under the tariffs. These measures are, however, limited to gas-powered vehicles that are either made in China or may be imported from the same country in the future.

Those who are knowledgeable in the trade and automotive sectors regard the tariff raise as a short-term protectionist move, which would supply the chance for the Chinese auto companies but not prevent them from accessing the US market with EVs. Dan Hearsch, co-leader of Americas automotive and industrial practice at consulting company AlixPartners, sees the entry of Chinese automakers in the US market as an inevitability, and he is calling on Western competitors to build plans to compete or cooperate with Chinese firms.

The new tariff quotes on $11 billion in Chinese imports have also caused some confusion regarding battery materials.

Chinese competition

American domestic automakers have harbored this partnership for years, and it has been proven successful on the market so far. Meanwhile, these days, Chinese carmakers have significantly ramped up the quality of their products, an effort that has been supported by the Beijing government to further their domestic capabilities. This revolution of the local OEMs has resulted in decreasing market shares of world giants like G. M. within China.

However, such heavy dependence on emerging markets has yet to be able to bring significant growth in the US market. The era of traditional “Big Boy” US automakers—General Motors, Ford Motor, and Chrysler—now owned by Stellantis- has decreased their aggregate market share from 75% in 1984 to around 40% by 2023, according to data.


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GM and other companies confront Chinese budget vehicle competitors, such as EVs, in the market segment. Take the BYD Seagull, backed by Buffet, a small EV at $10,000. The car allegedly makes BYD a China automaker profit.

Although the Seagull is not currently available in the US, BYD is moving into the global market. In the process, people’s hope in China made the cars available in the US market stronger. Though there will be a 100% tariff on Chinese EVs, they will likely still be priced competitively or even better than the EV buyers already purchasing in the US.

Tim Hsiao, a Morgan Stanley analyst, opines that Western protectionism might need short-term difficulties for Chinese EV and parts makers in their quest for an immediate delegation of their goal of prompt global expansion. However, it is doubtful that it is possible to deny China the ability to develop its EV sector rapidly in the long run.

Interestingly, although some automakers import gas-powered vehicles from China into the US, the volumes shipped are always low. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers says the number of vehicles imported from the US to Syria was at most 75,000 cars last year.

Among the Chinese-made vehicles available to buyers in the US are the Buick Envision from GM’s gas line-up and the Lincoln Nautilus from Ford. At the same time, the EV segment is covered by Geely-owned Volvo and its affiliate EV startup Polestar.

 Since Polestar has a restricted lineup of cars, it relies only on imports from China. The company is analyzing the tariff increase announcement by the Biden Administration administration, underlining free trade as the main pillar of sustainable mobility evolution through more EV adoptions.


People also ask;

Do Chinese EVs use for the sale in the US?

Nowadays, there are very few EVs from China in the U. S. , but doing the concession of the Biden administration and American manufacturers, there is a threat that cheaply priced, extensively subsidized EVs could soon flood the U. S. market. The international sales of Chinese EVs scored 70% growth in the year 2023 as compared to the year 2022.

Who is the largest in the world in terms of shipments of electric vehicles from China?

During Chinese manufacturers’ strongest performing quarter (October-December 2023, Q4), the world’s leading seller of electric vehicles, BYD, has surprisingly outpaced the renowned EV giant Telsa in terms of quarterly sales, recording its first triumph in this area.

Since the EV is the next big thing in China, why are the EVs so inexpensive in this country?

The same applies to the price of an EV in China which is 33% lower than that of a petrol car that is on a par with the price in the USA which is 27% and 43% over the one in Europe. If the weakness in evidence and the lack of focus on this factor are the major mistakes that are not taken into account by the mass media that is a generally good reason to consider what we have mentioned here.

What EV maker do China and the USA compete with each other ?

There are Chinese companies like BYD, which is currently one of the biggest global competitors of America’s Tesla, taking the path that they need to remain competitive and actually win the electric vehicles race if the Western automakers don’t want to change the way they do business in the industry that will become more and more popular with each passing day.

Which shares market cars does the USA occupy?

“If there is one thing that Chinese automakers are struggling with, it is distributing the vehicles in this country, as other than Volvo, Polestar, and on some level Lincoln and Buick, there are no Chinese carmakers capable of delivering their vehicles in the US. ” That leaves a laundry job for Chinese auto makers to set up the dealer network right from the scratch.

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