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The “Charm’Tastic Mile” of Baltimore

Charm Tastic Mile;

Charm Tastic Mile; March 26, 2024 – So, there’s this spot in Baltimore that’s the talk of the town: the “Charm’tastic Mile”. It’s like the heartbeat of Charm City, connecting Downtown-West, the Inner Harbor, and Harbor East. Picture this: from S. Greene & W. Pratt Street to S. President & Fleet Street, you’ve got 1.3 miles of pure charm. And guess what? Google even rates it as one of the coolest streets in America. Fancy, right?

Now, mark your calendars because March 28, 2024, is shaping up to be a historic day for Baltimore sports. We’re talking about three big events that’ll go down in the books: O’s Opening Day ’24, the 40th Anniversary of the Colts leaving town, and the last-ever regular-season game of the Bullets as an NBA franchise in Baltimore. It’s like the sports gods decided to bless us with a triple whammy of memories.

First up, the Baltimore Orioles are kicking off their 2024 MLB season in just two days. Fans are pumped to see the squad in action and hopefully bounce back from last year’s playoff letdown. Fun fact: it’s been 43 years since they hit the 100-win mark, back in 1980. And for their season opener, they’re facing off against the Los Angeles Angels. It’s like a clash of cultures, with Rodeo Drive meeting the Charm’tastic Mile at Oriole Park.

But wait, there’s more! March 28th also marks the 40th anniversary of the Colts packing up and leaving town. Talk about a bitter pill to swallow. It was back in 1984 when owner Bob Irsay pulled a fast one on Baltimore, sneaking the team off to Indianapolis in the dead of night. The wound might’ve healed over time, but every year on this day, it stings a little bit.

And let’s not forget about the Bullets. Back in 1973, they played their final regular-season game as an NBA team in Baltimore. It was a tough loss to the Boston Celtics, but hey, they put up a good fight. The team eventually moved to D.C., first as the Capital Bullets and then as the Washington Bullets, making it to the NBA Finals in ’75 but coming up short against the Golden State Warriors.

So yeah, March 28, 2024, is going to be a day to remember. It’s a mix of nostalgia, pride, and a hint of sadness. Teams may come and go, but the memories they leave behind? Those stick around forever. So here’s to March 28th, a day that’ll go down in Baltimore sports history. Cheers to the legends, the victories, and the heartbreaks. This one’s for the historians!

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