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China will limit exports of certain aviation and aerospace equipment to ‘protect national security.’

China unveiled new measures on Thursday saying that from July 1 it is going to restrict the export of some aviation and aerospace products and technologies given the threats to national security.

The new regulation, as announced by the Ministry of Commerce, strive to improve and meet the objective of international non-proliferation commitments and protect the security of the nation. This was disclosed together with partners from the General Administration of Customs and the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission.

IT services and technologies involving aerospace structure parts, aircraft engines and gas turbines will render many items software or equipment requiring export licenses.

For instance, a spokesperson for the ministry pointed out that, “It is practiced in most countries to have export control for some specific molds, special fiber material, and related items; however, it should be noted that it has no direct relation to any country or region. ”

The statement declared China’s position against any country or region using regulated products sourced from China for purposes risky to China’s sovereignty and stability and its development plans.

China and the United States have also in the past imposed export controls to new technologies, equipment and materials seen as critical to the security of a country.

On May 20 the Ministry of Commerce in China imposed sanctions on a US aircraft manufacture Boeing and two other defense firms for their sales of armaments to Taiwan, as reported in an associated press release.


People also ask;

What is the export control law in China?

The ECL has broad coverage and regulates dual-use items with both civil and military applications, military arms & goods, nuclear items as well as any other item necessary for “safeguarding national security and interests.” Further, it specifies that “controlled items” includes technical data.

What minerals is China restricting?

China’s Export Controls on Critical Minerals – Gallium, Germanium and Graphite. On August 1, 2023, China began restricting exports of gallium and germanium, followed more recently, on December 1, with new export controls on high-grade graphite.


What does China ban export of?

China will control exports of some aviation and space components from July 1, its commerce ministry announced on Thursday, citing a need to protect the country’s national security and interests.

Is China restricting exports?

Beijing and Washington have both moved to limit exports of products, technology and equipment considered vital to national security. China has also imposed sanctions against some U.S. aerospace and defense manufacturers to retaliate against sales of weapons to Taiwan, a self-governed island it claims as its territory.

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