Former Facebook And Nike Diversity Manager Gets 5 Years In Prison For FraudImage by; New York Post

Former Facebook And Nike Diversity Manager Gets 5 Years In Prison For Fraud

Barbara Furlow-Smiles, managing diversity and equity in the leadership roles at Facebook and Nike, has been sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in federal prison for taking the sum of $5. 000. 000 from the projects’ funding. Convicted furloughed short-cheater, laths-pine, scammed a not-real vendor, bogus invoices, and kickbacks to steal approximately $4. 9 million from Facebook. Claiming that she was fired, she fraudulently raised six-digit figures, bringing down the firm’s diversity program at Nike.

The stolen budget went into Furlowe-Smiles’s Californian, Georgian, and Oregonian spending spree. At Facebook she held an executive role in diversity and inclusion doing the opposite as she manipulated the system to scam the payments from referred shell accounts which she linked to her corporate charge cards. Through her management of trust and close contact, including former interns with whom she conducted the scheme, she used the intense bond she had created to facilitate her scheme.

According to these narratives, after being sacked from Facebook, Nike has been her new workplace, where she has been working unlawfully until February 2023. Her disclosure of her actions undermined Nike’s confidence in her. The statement also criticized her for not exhibiting remorse. The Jazz took an order from the Furlow-Smiles for nearly $5 million in repayment to Facebook and another $121 thousand in repayment to Nike. Facebook’s parent company Meta concentrated on the long-term damage which Megham’s crimes had caused to its employees, by stating the hurt and pain that had come into their lives.

Furlow-Smiles will complete her sentence by July 22nd, marking the beginning of her prison sentence in Marietta, Georgia. The case demonstrates ominous circumstances of lack of candor and intense fallout on the employers and staff that challenge anyone pondering the development of strong financial controls and moral guidance in corporate diversity programs.


People also ask;

Who is the ex-diversity director at Facebook who faces incarceration for the theft of $4 million within the company?

Barbara Furlow-Smiles the former Meta’s diversity program director ,was admitted to $4 worth of stealing. Barbara Furlow-Smile has been the Diversity President at Meta, Inc (former Facebook).

What was Facebook accused of?

In 2010s, a British consulting firm known as Cambridge Analytica, with access to millions of Facebook users’ data for political purposes, without their consent was the main agency that carried out its political advertising campaigns .

Who is the connection that currently holds the position of the diversity strategist at Facebook?

In general terms, the prosecutors say that the charges against Barbara Furlow-Smiles, who holds the company’s lead strategist and global head of employee resource groups and diversity engagement position at Facebook, are the proof of the fact that she has been living an excessive lifestyle that goes from one state to another over the world: California to Georgia.

Who is the diversity leader at Facebook?

As a member of Meta’s executive leadership team (now Meta), Maxine Williams serves as the chief diversity officer and is regarded as a top manager just below the company’s CEO.


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