Shop Small, Dream Big: Unwrapping the Local Advantage in Holiday Spending | us prime newsShop Small, Dream Big: Unwrapping the Local Advantage in Holiday Spending | us prime news

Us Prime Press: In this festive season, whether you’re indulging in dining, exploring shopping havens, enjoying entertainment, or hosting gatherings, there’s a crucial element that every local establishment, be it shops, eateries, breweries, venues, markets, events, or services, relies on to keep their doors open – you.

Reflecting on the challenging early days of the pandemic, there’s not much to fondly remember, but one aspect stands out—the unanimous acknowledgment that our patronage and support made a significant impact at the local level. During those times, communities rallied to deliver care packages to healthcare workers, patronize struggling restaurants, and prioritize shopping from local businesses at every opportunity.

Furthermore, local business owners felt empowered to seek assistance openly. It wasn’t viewed as asking for a handout; instead, it was a call for community support. The collective response was heartening, with communities readily stepping up when their local businesses needed them the most. However, the need for support hasn’t diminished. As the last remnants of pandemic-era assistance fade away and interest rates rise, many business owners find themselves in an even more precarious situation than in 2020. Unlike the previous year, when some had extra time and money, the challenges of 2023 persist.

I’ve engaged with numerous local store and restaurant owners grappling with the task of keeping their doors open in 2024 and beyond. Yet, unlike 2020, they hesitate to vocalize their need for “support.” They fear it may undermine their success, tarnish their image, and suggest they are seeking charity. Let’s be clear: Supporting local businesses by exchanging goods for money is not an act of charity. It’s a smart, savvy investment in our community. It aids in talent retention, enhances our quality of life, supports our friends, families, and neighbors, contributes to the tax base, and sustains living-wage employment.

It’s, simply put, a superior choice.

Local establishments haven’t stopped needing the backing of their community since the pandemic’s initial wave. Now, more than ever, their need for support is paramount. Jumpstart your holiday shopping by patronizing stores like Fancy & Staple, Creative Women of the World, Hopscotch House, 3 Rivers Soap Co., Hyde Brothers Booksellers, and The Find.

Plan your next girls’ night at The Landing, exploring each restaurant along the way. Rise early on a Saturday and explore the diverse offerings at our exceptional winter farmers’ markets. If you haven’t visited Electric Works, make it a point to do so. Indulge in the best baklava in town at Gibli and grab a growler of kombucha from Lunar Infusions while you’re there.

Secure your tickets for Project Ballet’s Nutcracker and unwind with a beer at Hop River after the show. Invest in season tickets, museum memberships, enjoy a cup of coffee at Conjure, Tall Rabbit, or Fortezza. Integrate yourself deeply into the tapestry of our community.

Above all, remember that local customers are the indispensable ingredient without which no local business can thrive. Kristin Giant serves as a strategic consultant to grant-makers and business owners and is also an instructor at Amp Lab @ Electric Works.

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