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McDonald’s Developing A New $5 Value Meal Option

McDonald’s is definitely meeting the challenge of the food consumers by designing a new fast-food value meal, which is about to see the light on the chain’s stores on U.S. soil. The reports say this $5 offering, consisting of a sandwich (either McChicken or McDouble) and a four-piece box of chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink, should help McDonald’s build momentum for its all-day breakfast. The decision is made at the perfect time when low-income consumers are cutting their spending, the trend also present in the fast-food industry from McDonald’s to Wendy’s.


McDonald’s recognition of the fact that burger enthusiasts are seeking budget-friendly dining options is evident in its recent mixed-quarter results. CEO Chris Kempczinski’s speech underscored the importance of affordability, acknowledging customers’ power to allocate each dollar in an era of high expenses. This understanding highlights McDonald’s commitment to offering compelling value propositions, such as the proposed $5 meal, to attract and retain customers in a fiercely competitive market.

In addition, the process of rolling out such projects¬†doesn’t come without¬†challenges.¬†Whereas McDonald’s tries to develop low-cost offers nationwide, discussions with franchisees should occur first. Franchisees, who are the majority owners of the vast majority of McDonald’s locations, are the main decision-makers in the company, especially concerning promotions that may affect their profitability. The initial problems facing the test run could not discourage the enterprise since the collaborative effort with Coca-Cola proved critical for feasibility analysis and attracting the two parties, namely customers and franchise owners.

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