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John Tesh: NBC Sports May Revive “Roundball Rock” For NBA Games.

NBC ‘Roundball Rock,’ composed by John Tesh, holds a significant place in the history of NBA broadcasting. It served as the iconic anthem for NBA games on NBC until 2002 and continues to be a fan favorite. In recent news, NBCUniversal, under the management of Comcast, has sponsored an offer to the tune of $2, signaling a potential return of this iconic theme to NBA broadcasts.

The NBA’s search for three media partners, with deals seemingly in the works with Disney and Amazon for two of the packages, has fans on the edge of their seats. The third, whether it be with NBCU or WBD, is still up for negotiation. However, the $10 billion bid from NBCUniversal, more than double what Warner Bros. Discovery has offered, could potentially reshape the NBA viewing experience for fans.

NBC Sports May Revive “Roundball Rock” For NBA Games.

The CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, has prioritized financial discipline since he became the new captain. He is trying to cut debt and increase free cash flow. While NBA salaries can only be retailed, he is cautious about relying on sports’ fluctuating nature because he does not want to lose control over licensing sports rights.

However, Warner Bros. Discovery, NBC, and the NBA have not made vocal statements in this regard.

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The rights to ‘Roundball’

The ‘Roundball Rock’, a symbol of ‘The NBA on NBC’, evokes a sense of nostalgia for the era when Michael Jordan reigned supreme and the voices of broadcasting legends like Bob Costas and Marv Albert resonated at every NBA game. Its popularity was cemented when USA Today hailed it as the greatest sports TV theme in 2017, sparking a flurry of articles and comedy skits in its honor.

Apart from its last NBA broadcast in 2002, it is surely the theme that still makes rounds in fans’ memory, even among viewers who watched college basketball games aired by Fox Sports since 2018-19. Should NBC Sports regain NBA rights, John Tesh, the “Roundball Rock” composer, confirms they are free to license the theme again.

Media organizations’ entitlements include access to songs, the rights of which are signed for three years, and compensation that remains undisclosed and is based on usage. Tesh, for him, the most surprising part of the viral popularity of “Roundball Rock” is that the song now gets celebrated across the online platforms that we now know, and fans sample it on various instruments.

As the talks of NBC re-airing NBA games again for the 2025-26 season have come to the fore, fans can rest assured that “Roundball Rock” is still out there, ready to bring back the thrill of basketball on television.


People also ask;

  1. Who designed the NBA logo, which is so famous?

The most popular logo among all the NBA team logos is the one of the league itself. It was first used in 1969 when the league wanted to create a special identity for the league that the fans could accept as a brand. One of the key contributors to the game’s logo was Alan Siegel (designer and CEO of Siegelvison, a corporate identity consultant), who was commissioned to create a frozen deliciousness symbol. Siegel found his inspiration in a photograph of the famous Jerry West, the L.A. Lakers superstar at that time, jumping to the basket. The NBA logo was inspired by the shape of West moving with ball possession uniquely and beautifully.

2. NBC can still restore the NBA, but will it be able to if a viable alternative is on the horizon?

The current NBA media rights deal is set to expire in the 2024-25 season. As we look ahead, there’s a possibility that NBCUniversal, the Comcast-owned company, could step in and secure the rights to a group of NBA matches. This potential move, if it materializes, could significantly reshape the landscape of NBA broadcasting, sparking a new era of sports media.

3.  When I hear John Toss talking about his remarkable success, I ask myself: Did John Tesh write the NBA theme?

John Tesh is the writer — and the owner — of “Roundball Rock,” the former theme song of the NBA on NBC. Sometime about 15 years earlier, at one of his concerts, Tesh narrated the story of the writing of the song “The Single Most Indispensable Thought.” He was relaxing in a hotel room with no music, so he had to call his at-home answering and left a missle of voice with himself, as he needed to repeat the tune exactly. Thus, the world’s most famous NBA tune came to be.

4. What’s the case with NBC’s taking of NBA rights?

NBC was famous for its four-year contract deal worth US$1 billion. In the spring of 2002, the league renewed its NBA rights with a bid of $3 billion, but the league instead made six-year deals worth $4 billion with ESPN, ABC, and TNT. The bottom line is that NBC was far from matching Disney’s dual presence with ESPN and ABC through a combined broadcast-cable deal.

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