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OpenAI Plans To Announce A Competitor To Google Search

According to two industry insiders, OpenAI is ready to disclose its AI-based search on Monday. This move will step up the ante between OpenAI and Google, the current leaders in the search arena.

While the exact date is uncertain and subject to change, the announcement is not known beforehand. According to Bloomberg and The Source, OpenAI, with the backing of Microsoft, has a project underway to build a search tool that will compete with Google and Perplexity, a well-funded AI startup.


OpenAI has not made any comments about it.

The announcement seems perfectly timed, as it comes the day before Google’s I/O conference, where the tech giant will most likely reveal AI-related innovations.

This quest tool from Open AI is an improvement on its flagship ChatGPT and empowers the AI to retrieve data from the web directly and cite it. ChatGPT, known for its human-like text responses, has been seen as a substitute for online information searching. Nevertheless, it has not been perfect for providing real-time and precise data. Previously, OpenAI incorporated it with Microsoft’s Bing for some paying users. On the contrary, Google has been improving its search engine using generative AI.

Perplexity, founded by a former OpenAI researcher, has made a significant impact with its AI-powered search box. This product, boasting features such as citation display and images/text response, has garnered 10 million monthly active users and a valuation of $1 billion. These achievements underscore the competitive landscape that OpenAI’s search tool will enter.

The website traffic of ChatGPT has been fluctuating after the rapid growth it experienced after its launch in 2022. OpenAI will have to make extra efforts to reach more people. One of the earlier initiatives, ChatGPT plugins, was about including current and accurate real-world information into the platform. This initiative was retired on April 21.


People also ask:

1. OpenAI’s biggest rival is who?

The top three of OpenAI’s competitors in the Artificial Intelligence category are Optimole with 65. 88%, ARKit with 3. At 81%, Google’s AI tops the list. 35% market share.


2. Does Google use AI for search purposes?

Google’s AI technology analyzes and understands webpage content and identifies patterns in user behavior.


3. How are companies using OpenAI to provide their services?

Companies apply OpenAI to review their customer data, for instance, to generate customized product recommendations and personalized marketing messages or to have conversations with customers through chatbots for enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.


4. What is OpenAI famous for being the industry changer?

In the last year, OpenAI has been the headliner of the AI trend, presented by large language models and changing how we use information, write everything from email to papers, and even how we do business.

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