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Untold life story of Selena Quintanilla

Selena Quintanilla Biography

Birth and Childhood

In her prime, Selena seemed like a successful, independent lady with everything figured out. Still, behind the scenes, she was a puppet, and her father, the Puppet Master, ordered every aspect of her life. Still, then she revolted against her father fought to be her person and as a result, lost her life a few years later at the young age of 23 till today her father continues to blame himself for her death but was it his fault we’ll leave you to be the judge after watching this video and seeing some of her some photos a lot of things were wrong about Selena’s childhood and upbringing, and this was not just about her father forcing her out of school to turn her into his money-making machine.

Quintanilla just never had it easy in life. She was born the youngest of three children, and her father, Abraham Quintanilla, a former American Mexican musician, would make sure that Selena and her siblings, at all costs, became everything he failed at. Selena was born with the perfect pitch, as her father described to People magazine, so at 11, he made Quinton and his siblings always perform at his restaurant in Lake Jackson. The 1980s glut oil recession hit, and Abraham was forced to close his restaurant. This ushered in the worst years of Selena’s life. Her family found it difficult to feed after this, and they were soone evicted from their home.

Abraham devised the idea to build a family band around his talented daughter, and he called it Selena Elinos. Selena did the vocals. Her brother Abraham III was on the bass guitar, and Suzette Quintanilla handled the drums. They were found on street corners, at weddings, Keras, and fairs, but all they got was barely enough people. They were amazed each time young Selena was on the microphone, and this promoted her fame. As that happened, her travel schedule also got busier, so her father decided to withdraw her from school so she could focus on music. Selena’s teachers were not happy with this, and they threatened to report Abraham to the Texas Board of Education for subjecting young Selena to conditions that were inappropriate for a child of her age, So reluctantly, he let her continue.

Family and Career

At 17, Selena graduated from high school and enrolled at Pacific Western University for a major in Business Administration, and nobody knows if she made it through. Her father believed Selena to be his ticket out of poverty, so he continued to push her until she fell in love with the music. He taught her to record songs in Spanish, and by 1985, Quintonil had released her first Spanish album. Abraham had Selena featured on the Johnny Canala show to promote this album, but still, not many people would take them seriously. At this point, the family was still struggling to keep food on the table, and with each failed attempt at success.

Abraham got even more frustrated, but things promised to change after Selena won the Female Vocalist of the Year award in 1987 for all her troubles; life compensated her with that one meeting, which changed everything. Selina met label owner Jose Bear, who at that time was looking for Spanish singers to partner with, and the first time he heard Selena’s voice, he knew at the spot that she was all he was looking for. Jose was so excited that this was happening that he would even offer Selena’s dad twice the signing fee, believing that Quintanilla would be the next Gloria fan. Maybe he got his wish, maybe he didn’t, but at that time, the bear was too excited to be refused. He also proved to be just what Selena needed at that time of her career as a collaboration with him.

He was going to expose her to the international industry by 1989. Selena released her self-titled debut album under Jose, which was a huge success. It peaked at number seven on the US Billboard Regional Mexican Albums chart and stayed there for a few weeks. The duo kept working on many successful projects, and some of the best of their collaboration include Yaves Lat Trala and Baila Esta. Selena was well-established before this. Her third studio album, Andre amim Mundo, is popularly known as her breakthrough record because of its success. The album dominated the US Billboard Regional Mexican album chart for eight consecutive months, and Quintanilla was not done yet.

A year later, she released her fourth studio album, Live, and things got even more interesting. Live won Selena the Grammy for Best Mexican American Album and was named Album of the Year by the Billboard Latin Music Awards. While this was her father’s dream, Selena had no problem adjusting to her new life. She was young, talented, and right on that spot that many dream about, but unfortunately, all of it would not last for so long. Selena lived more than half her life pleasing her father, and when she showed him the one thing her heart truly desired, he would still turn her down.

Personal life

Selina met Chris Perez for the first time when he joined their band as a guitarist. Although Perez claimed he had a girlfriend in San Antonio, he still found Selena irresistible. Within a few months, many things started happening between them behind closed doors, and they did all they could to hide their romance from the band, especially Selena’s father, but it backfired. Susan Quintanilla, Selena’s sister, caught them flirting with each other, and she immediately informed her father that Abraham reacted exactly the way they feared he would, as he warned Chris to stay away from his daughter.

At this point, even if he wanted to, it would still be very difficult. The love birds just couldn’t even help themselves, and the next time they were caught together, Abraham fired Perez from the band, calling him a cancer in his family still. Perez and Selena continued seeing each other. They finally concluded that Abraham would never approve of their relationship, and they decided to elope Selena and Perez with their bags packed. They had a fast wedding before traveling down to Corpus.

Christie, in Texas, the Quinton family did all they could to locate their golden daughter, but they couldn’t. This continued for a while until Abraham was finally repentant. He apologized for everything and welcomed Perez back to the band. Selena’s father confessed in an interview that he hesitated to give His blessings because he thought that Perez would force Selena to end her career and music goals to become a homemaker, but this never happened. Chris stuck with his wife until her untimely death in 1995. After Selena’s death, Perez fell into drug and substance abuse, and unfortunately, he has never been able to fully recover.

Ever since away from her work in the studio and Stage, Selena also did a few commendable things in the fashion design industry, and it is quite unfortunate that this was part of the reason she was killed in 1994. Selena began to design and manufacture a clothing line, and that same year, she opened two boutiques. Her education and business administration came in handy as Selena would take her fashion line from 0 to over $5 million in less than a year. Hispanic Business Magazine also reported that Selena Quintanilla was ranked among the 20th wealthiest Hispanic musicians who grossed the highest income in 1993 and 1994.

Selena probably had Big Dreams for her career and business, but a wolf she led would tear everything apart. Selena and her father were two different people. While Selena easily trusted everyone she met, Abraham was not so easily impressed, and this was going to be Selena’s greatest Unbecoming after she had established her boutique stores, she appointed Yolander Salivar as manager of Yolander as the president of Selena’s fan club before she was promoted to manager at the store everyone kept complaining to Selena about star’s attitude but the singer trusted her manager too much to listen to what they were saying her workers went as far as reporting to her father who came back to his daughter.


Still quintonil wouldn’t even listen to her father she knew he always had a problem with trusting people and so assumed that this was one of those times Not only was salivar oppressing Selena’s workers in the bud but she was also stealing from her and when Abraham and Selena confronted her with solid evidence of over $30,000 which she embezzled from the club and boutiques she decided to Kill Selena salar claimed that she was physically and sexually assaulted in Mexico and so Selena accompanied her to the hospital to get herself checked and treated a few days after this they met at a local motel in Corpus Christie and when Selena demanded that she hand over the financial papers for the business saldar brought a gun from her purse and shot Selena on the right lower shoulder critically injured Selena ran towards the lobby leaving a trail of blood and before she collapsed she gave the name of her asant and the room number the police arrested salar as she attempted to flee the scene and Selena well she only made it as far as the hospital the singer was declared clinically brain dead.

After she was diagnosed, her heart ceased that same day, 50 minutes into the surgery, to save her life. Contrary to the rumors, at the time of her death, Selena was not involved with any kind of drugs, and she was also not pregnant. Selena died at 23, but 23 was just enough for the iconic singer to leave an unforgettable Mark in the music industry. Salivar was sentenced to life in prison, and Selena’s father has since then been fighting against gun laws in Texas. Selena had an estimated net worth of $5 million at the time of her death.


People Also Ask

1.When Selena died How old was she?

Selena died at the age of 23, tragically cut short in her prime, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry and her fans worldwide.

2.What were Selena’s last words?

Selena’s last words were the name of her assailant and the room number where the incident occurred, providing crucial information to apprehend the perpetrator.

3.What religion was Selena?

Selena was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, although her religious practices in later life are not extensively documented.

4.Was Selena Gomez named after Selena?

Yes, Selena Gomez was named after Selena Quintanilla, showcasing the profound influence Selena Quintanilla had on popular culture.

5.What was Selena’s secret when she died?

Selena’s secret when she died was that she was not involved with any drugs and was not pregnant, dispelling rumors and maintaining her reputation.

6.Who did Selena marry?

Selena married Chris Perez, defying her father’s wishes and following her heart.

7.Where is Selena buried?

Selena is buried at Seaside Memorial Park in Corpus Christi, Texas, where fans still visit to pay their respects.

8.How old would Selena be in 2024?

If Selena were alive in 2024, she would have turned 53 years old, a reminder of the enduring impact she made despite her short life.

9.What did Selena’s mom do for Selena?

Selena’s mom played a supportive role in her career, aiding in managing her boutique stores and supporting her endeavors.

10.Did Selena have kids?

Selena did not have any children during her lifetime.

11.Why did Selena get married?

Selena got married because she was deeply in love with Chris Perez, prioritizing her personal happiness despite familial objections.

12.How old was Selena when she got married?

Selena was 21 years old when she got married to Chris Perez, embarking on a new chapter in her life.

13.When did Selena have her first kiss?

It’s not publicly known when Selena had her first kiss, as personal details of her early romantic life are not extensively documented.

14.Were Aaliyah and Selena friends?

There’s no information to suggest that Aaliyah and Selena were friends, though both were influential musicians in their respective genres.

15.What was Selena’s net worth?

Selena’s net worth at the time of her death was estimated to be around $5 million, reflecting her success and impact on the music industry.

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