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Vivek Ramaswamy’s BuzzFeed Stake Boosts Shares By 20%, Eyes Strategic Shift

Speaking of mergers and acquisitions, Ramaswamy has now secured a position as the owner of 8% of BuzzFeed and plans to start a transformational change at the media company, as reported on Tuesday in the filing.

“One is advised to remain tuned,” said Ramaswamy in regard to the publicized offer through a parrot. The filing showed that he was interested in meeting all senior executives of the company to discuss all aspects of its business and the potential third-party buyout.

BuzzFeed shares surged 55% at the opening on this news but settled to a 20% gain by 10:25 / Share Price opened at 5:59 p. m. ET at $2. 50 on Tuesday.

Specifically, BuzzFeed did not comment on the subsequently reported development. lavishing itself with a stolen $13 billion SPAC debut early in the year, the company has seen its shares fall by 94% since then. A more recent recruiting message, from CEO Jonah Peretti, had stated the company’s aim to create a “better future” for him.

However, Ramaswamy’s participation inspires doubt over the internal dynamics of BuzzFeed. Currently, he runs Strive Asset Management – a company advising other companies to stay away from politically correct ‘woke’ agenda and denying the importance of ESG considerations.

Ramaswamy in an interview with Financial Times said that companies should strive for long term value rather than listening to the rich to change the world politically, socially, culturally, or environmentally.

For years, BuzzFeed was a harbinger of online discoveries gone viral; more recently, it has faced the shift in readers’ behavior. They shut their Pulitzer Prize-winning news division in 2023 and laid off 15% of their employees. The two major sources of traffic to the firm’s website, social media and search have changed their policies and affected its profitability.

Ramaswamy has amassed wealth through the Strive and Roivant Sciences and he is the author of a book ‘Woke, Inc. ’, which argues against the social justice movement. He is still associated with the Mar-a-Lago group and is a loyal to the then President Donald Trump. Although he is a dear friend to Trump, he has almost no chance to be Trump’s vice-presidential selection due to the resentment from several GOP operatives and donors.


People also ask;

To what extent are individuals in different ages using BuzzFeed?

55% of the daily active internet users, and 62% of the daily active internet users aged 18-34 in the U. S, use BuzzFeed every month. This explains why millennials turn to the company for content in this increasingly digital economy. However, as the company advanced, BuzzFeed sought to demonstrate that it is relevant to a much larger population than what this target audience represents.

Is the BuzzFeed employees and contributors actually paid?

We found that when you make a post which is not a quiz for instance a list, ranking or else and your post gets at least 50000 viewers, you stand a chance to be paid. There are requirements for Quiz posts, and they need to get at least 100,000 views to get paid.

What are the few things that BuzzFeed is known for?

Initially started as an online quiz maker and pop list, it has evolved into an international media and technology company that offers articles spanning everything from political news to DIY projects, animals, and business profiles.

What has been the source of success for the BuzzFeed?

This all is done more and more exclusively for mobile platforms and mobile devices. In this aspect, there is little doubt that Buzzfeed has a solid technology edge that allows it to create, analyze, publish, and promote content much more effectively than any of its rivals. The technology, editorial and the business side of things would be integrated and the organizational chart would also reflect that.

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