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Were Tesla’s Supercharger layoffs timed poorly?

Tesla’s Supercharger

Elon Musk’s stringent cost-cutting measures at Tesla have led to a significant fallout: A global round of 500 job cuts across the Superchargering business was initiated, and among them was the termination of the firm’s top official, Rebecca Tinucci. The worst choice could have been the choice taken at that exact time. Meanwhile, all Tesla would be the vehicle charger that would be NAMER standard used across the North American region with the hope that all competitors and standards would easily transition to Tesla’s chargers. Nevertheless, the system on which Musk wants to go to “100% uptime” puts it to the test for viability, especially given the smaller team at the bridge. Jobless employees speak about high vulnerability levels when it comes to quick resolution of crises.

Shortly after, Tesla was touting its dominance in the Supercharger technology sector and its plans to expand its charging infrastructure to accommodate EVs from other manufacturers. However, the reality is starkly different from these aspirations. Reports from New York authorities reveal that Tesla has withdrawn its plan to build four supercharger stations and is pulling out from leases, aligning with Musk’s prediction. The fact that Tesla’s emails to its charging body are bouncing back further underscores the challenges the company is facing in its Supercharger business.

It is not only the locations of Superchargers that make it feel so, but also the other infrastructure of an electric vehicle revolution, such as battery storage and manufacturing. Furthermore, funding the installment of Tesla’s Level 2 destination chargers at apartment complexes is also on the pause list. Meeting the demand for EV charging stations is a challenge among condo owners, including Don Burke, after his building’s installation of chargers was not completed. He voiced his dismay on social media, and his emails to Tesla employees bounced back. He had no other option but to seek extracurricular help. As a result of all these twists and turns from Tesla, stakeholders are unsure whether the company has pursued charging infrastructure expansion or found a way to complete all existing projects.

Another Reddit user commented that her $7000 project is also waiting for Tesla to fix the software since no customer support is responding to her. A contractor then recounted how the Tesla representative for his contract, a 43-charger station building, was canceled after their contact at Tesla was completely fired.

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Hilton is another big name that has a contract with Tesla to add up to 20,000 chargers at hotels but doesn’t appear to have been affected. Contacting a spokesman for the hotel failed to elicit a comment.

The program will put on hold the distribution of CCS-to-NACS adapters to owners of Ford, Rivian, and GM electric vehicles (and eventually to every major automaker) for recharging on the company’s Superchargers in 2021 and later. Some Mustang-Mach E and F-150 lightning owners shared these letters on Reddit, saying that the complimentary fast-charging adapters will be available only in May or even September due to a shortage of supply.

Tesla’s Supercharger network has long been the benchmark for building electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Many other EV networks can’t measure up in terms of scale and dependability. BloombergNEF shows that, especially after 2017, Tesla stands alone with 74 percent of all fast chargers in North America.

Among other factors of Tesla’s success is Tinucci, who was responsible for Tesla’s portfolio of supercharging locations, led business-to-business destination charger projects, and spearheaded the initiation of the Supercharger installs with the Magic Dock-capable for other manufacturers’ EVs to plug in without bringing an adapter.

According to The Washington Post, a former employee who spoke to the newspaper stated that Tinucci met with Musk before the layoffs and had to explain her disagreement over the magnitude of such a calamity. Now, the team at Tinucci is out, and most of the Supercharger team is almost at par with Tesla, so that big lead of Tesla is at risk.

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